Friday, September 22, 2023
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Lynx Ecommerce Events Module

Our new Events Module for Lynx Ecommerce allows users to schedule paid and/or free events such as Seminars and Webinars. It offers a Registration Manager which means website visitors can easily signup (and pay) for events. Many publishers offer both paid and free events, and now have an easy way to manage them.
The look and feel of the Events Module is template based, with tokens, and thus is fully customizable. It supports recurrent events such as an event taking place on the second Tuesday of each month or weekly on Thursday for example.
Each event allows registration by your web customers via filling out a registration name/address form and entering a payment if required. Management is easy since the Events Module also allows administrators to import registrants from Excel as well as export to Excel. You can also design your own reports. Administrators can add or delete registrants easily and send email blasts to all registrations.
The new, flexible module permits users to design price offers which can vary based on the user role level. For example, you can have one price for subscribers and another for non-subscribers. Or, your prices can be based on role rank, such as Bronze, Silver and Gold. The system also supports RSS feeds, integrated search, and offers multiple views including calendar, list, and day views.
The Module also boasts a flash calendar to highlight events on client’s other web pages and the entire module supports localization as well so that any native language can be used.

Here are some of the features

  • Fully customizable, template based with tokens! That means you or your designer can make it look like you want it to look.
  • ready to use with default settings, hassle free!
  • Supports recurring events. That’s perfect for seminars or webinars that happen, for example, on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Supports events registration. Full registration management allows you to add and delete names, send email blasts to registrants, and print reports or registrants.
  • Unlimited custom properties, so that you can create fields like Spouse Name.
  • Integrated with PayPal or Authorize.Net
  • Different views, calendar view, list view, day view
  • Supports unlimited categories with permission control
  • Supports unlimited sub-calendars
  • flash calendar to highlight events on home page
  • Supports localization, so you can have it in your customer’s language
  • Supports RSS feed
  • Integrated search
  • Import Events from Excel files.
The reporting facilities included are in the Registration Manager, so you can export Registration Data to Excel, HTML, and you can also export Event data into Excel format.  In addition, Google Map can be activated to give the registrant directions to a semiar. And, anyone can choose to be notified of the event by email or save the event to the desktop or Outlook Calendar.

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The list view allows you to show all your events in one vertical list,
The calendar view comes with four color templates.
This pop-up gives the reader a summary of the event under the cursor.
It's easy to add additional information like Agendas, Sponsors, or other information that revelant.
Easily send email blast to a group of registrants for any event.
This management menu takes you to a complete setup and management of your events.
By clicking on more you get complete details of the events. Note how images can also be used.
By clicking save event to desktop, the user can save the event to their hard drive or directly into Outlook Calendar.
Sample registration form. You can create custom data fields also.
In this registration screen is an example of multiple prices based on role.
A Google Map link can take the registrant to a directional map of your seminiar.


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