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Btrieve Error (116) Net LockStations
Btrieve Error (116) Net LockStations

Upon moving our office and reconnecting our workstations to the server, I am getting the following error when trying to get into First Edition: 


“Btrieve Error (116)  Net LockStations – open error (116) F:\FEDATA\fen.dat” . 

 How can this be corrected?

Confirm that both the Pervasive Relational Service and the Pervasive Transaction Service on the server have both been started. Make sure these services are set to "Automatic" as the Startup Type on the server so that they are always started whenever the server is restarted.

Confirm that the Pervasive application folder on the server (usually c:\pvsw) is shared and that all users have been granted full access in both the share and security tab in the pvsw folder properties.

Confirm that the First Edition data folder on the server is shared and that all users have been granted full access in bothe the share and security tab in the folder properties.

Run the Pervasive System Analyzer from the workstation that is experiencing the error and confirm that both the Network Communication test and the Transactional Engine pass without errors.

Confirm that there are at least 10 users in the Pervasive User Count Administrator Utility. If all if the above have been confirmed, restart the server.

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