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Unit Audit
Unit Audit

In a Unit Audited Publication: What is the unit number? When would the user check Separate Business Address? When would the user click Assign Unit?


The unit number is like a group code.  Unit audits count businesses rather than people.  So if GM had 5 employees subscribing, they would count as one unit.  To do that we create a Unit Master (sort of like an account) for GM, putting the company’s match code and company name in there so all 5 of these employees would be part of unit 101. For example, when you put the first one in, the unit number was created. The other step you have to “Assign” to the 101 unit – that’s what that button is for.  You’ll get a find screen.  If the address being shipped to wasn’t the unit address, then you check separate business address and fill in the address.  Then the system could create a company match code for the unit.

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