Achieving Subscription Requirements

Import the prospects as subscribers with the status set to “Hold” so that no issues will be sent. Then, to fulfill your active subscription, use the Global Change program to select the prospects/subscribers on “Hold” based on the source code, and change their status to Active:


If you want to select the first 5000 prospect/subscribers to meet the requirement, set the Maximum to Print field to 5000:



Clicking the Nth Selection button and entering an Nth Skip will select every Nth subscriber for the Global Change. For example, enter 3 for the Nth Skip, and 5,000 for the Maximum to Print. The Global Change will be applied to every 3rd subscriber on hold for a total of 5,000.


Click the Fields to Change tab, and select the Status field. Enter “A” for status equal active, Click Ok, click Begin Global Change:



In just a minute or two, you have changed the status of 5000 subscribers on “Hold” to 5000 Active subscribers for meeting your subscription requirement.


Deactivating subscribers to meet a subscription requirement is done in the same manner, assuming the selection criteria is consistent (for example, Global Change by source code,  to change active status back to “Hold”). Deleting subscribers is not recommended for audited publications due to audit agency requirements to maintain records of inactive subscribers. However, the status can be changed to “Kill” which would not actually delete subscribers or their historical information, but would distinguish them from “Holds”.


Note: you must filter subscribers on “Hold” if you do not wish them to receive invoices or renewal notices. You can also Global Change the Bill and Renewal hold status to prevent generating invoices or renewal notices for those subscribers on “Hold”.


Note: See also “Creating Nth Selections” in Chapter 9 of the First Edition User’s Guide.


Note: Always backup all First Edition data prior to performing any Global Change.


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